cassandra offenberg.

Cassandra Offenberg (1991) graduated in 2016 as a director from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht. Since then she has made several films, won the Wildcard of the Film Fund and several international prizes, was selected for a Golden Calf, makes commercials and teaches at the art academy. Her work fascinates with her raw and at the same time fairytale-like style.

She wants to create new worlds, surprise with an exciting visual language and at the same time tell real stories that are moving and trigger something. She does this by combining her raw documentary style with a fictional layer in which she astonishes the viewer and looks for a magical edge with a poetic angle. It is precisely this combination that ignites an extraordinary fire. In her work she wants to immerse people in another world, which is slightly more magical, raw or unparalleled than reality. Cassandra prefers authentic people and their ‘real stories’.

She wants to portray inspiring people and emotions and ignores the outward show by visualizing the inner person. To do this, she’s not afraid to set things on fire, make people soar through the air, come up with spinning or striking camerawork, and mix romance with anger. Always looking for contrast, her documentary CHAMP portrays dealing with loss within sport. Esma the main character, lost, was angry, but did not give up. A burning bed, flying roses and various carriers took the viewer into her experience. It is precisely the contrasts within sports, the visual arenas and the dynamic movements that fascinate Cassandra. Her fascination with sports stems from a degree of jealousy for the way athletes use their bodies to deliver unique performances. Ballet, football or martial arts, she would like to dive into every world and display it in her unique way.