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Joost Beitler

Telling stories, in the most powerful way possible, is what characterizes Joost Beitler (1990). Graduated as a television producer, he developed himself as a director after studying Journalism.
His style can best be described as raw, honest and on the emotion. The combination of raw aesthetics and storytelling has also been noticed in recent years via Ajax and the Dutch national team, where the emotion was perfectly captured in the videos at the specific moment.


AFC AJAX – the amstergems
KNVB – we started something
TeamNL – laat het vuur branden
afc ajax; class of 2019
knvb; the new wave
knvb; final usa x netherlands
m-line; don’t underestimate sleep (tvc)
m-line; de nacht geeft mij kracht (tvc)
afc ajax; we are back
afc ajax; sevn Alias