TopNotch presenting the new match ball for the Eredivisie.


De Belofte / The Prodigy originated by researching the similarities between rap and soccer. The first cypher versus the first team meeting, singing the first contract at a club or signing your first big recorddeal. The prodigy tells the story of multiple Dutch soccer and rap talents through a fragmented narrative. We approached the commercial in a fictive manner in order to implicate the existence of a much larger story, one the viewer could be a part of. The voice-over on the other hand has been reduced to only it’s core, providing space for the audience interoperate the connection between the individual narratives.

Release Date:

TopNotch, Noah's Ark en Eredivisie

release date:



Cas Mulder


Brent Stevens


Tjerk Muilwijk


Yade Lauren, Sor, Joël Drommel, Donyell Malen

Focus pullers:

Katja van den Broeke and Marijn te Luggenhorst

2nd AC:

Laurent Bouwman

edit and grading:

Daneel Goedhart