tristan fopma.

Movement was something that has always driven Tristan (1997). From an early age, Tristan could never sit still – his mother even had to undergo surgery on her wrist because he was so unholdable. His youth was filled with lots of football, skateboarding, and drumming. Around the age of 18, Tristan started to gain curiosity towards the career of his deceased father, who passed away when he was 4 years old. His father worked as a professional photographer, which makes the medium very special to him. During his studies (Communication & Multimedia Design), Tristan explored the art of photography and started his business as a freelance photographer. Even though Tristan didn’t have any form of schooling in photography, he embraced the freedom of finding things out his own way, which he also tries to express in his images. His strong liking for nature, movement, and sports quickly translated into an energetic, progressive and artistic body of work.