AFC Ajax – Amstergems

These poetic commercials are led by a voice-over and written by the director Joost Beitler. The first video focuses on the DNA of which Ajax and Amsterdam as a city, are made. The bricks on which the city is built are used as a symbol for the individual athletes that Ajax produces. The process in which diamonds are created is similar to the process of becoming an international player. Unpolished at first, sharp as a knife when they leave. The calm edit & way of shooting create space for the audience to interpret the voice-over. The comparison between precious metal and talent, both changing in their form because of high pressure, is resembled by the pulsating and intensifying soundtrack.

Ajax vs. Atalanta Bergamo, part two of the Amstergems series. Part two embodies it being a sequel. The voice-over continues where it left of zooming in even more on the production process of talent throughout the symbolism of diamonds. The Amsterdam Arena is being shown whilst under construction to emphasize the production part of the video. We rarely see anything but success, Amstergems shows us this part of the journey.