Derbystar x Eredivisie – Creating Space

Derbystar’s ‘Creating Space’ campaign for the Keuken Kampioen Divisie.

That which the ball brings you in life. The way to your goal. You need the space to get the best out of yourself, discover your talents, and make connections/friends.

The film is from the point of view of the ball. The viewer has the feeling that he or she is the ball and comes into the real contact of the space. We cut it with shots of the field itself. In this way, we focus on both the connection and the physical ball. As a result, the target group and the launch of the ball are the focus of the will. We start with abstract images of the court, the street, and the stadium, after which we zoom in more on the emotion. In the end, we end up with the ball in the goal, after which the different players from the settings (court, street, stadium) proudly present the ball.

There is a poetic yet tough voice-over underneath that reinforces the concept. The audio evokes emotion and is powerful with many sound effects as if you really have the idea that you as a viewer are the space itself.